DefenderArea is a company taking the initiative to support all those interested in alternative lifestyles, away from the physical, psychological and environmental damages caused by the predominant current lifestyles.

We believe that by working together to further the growth of conscientious businesses and projects, it is possible to improve our future.


DefenderArea performs activities that integrate music, nutrition, sports, film, and diverse art forms to raise environmental awareness and the welfare of society. In this manner, the protection of our social circle is being developed. People, businesses, and brands that wish to integrate into DefenderArea are absolutely welcome to become part of this network.


Currently, there is a tendency in lifestyles that generates a high index of stress, depression, materialism, addictions, diverse illnesses, and destruction of the planet. These tendencies that are altering the integrity of human beings and society, will continue to develop until people do something about it. This requires to be conscious and informed. All of this has motivated DefenderArea to produce spaces where it is possible to create awareness about these topics.

Join us...